Posted by: Pure Glory | 11/02/2013

Yahweh’s Cutting Table

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

If you desire to remain on the CUTTING EDGE of what Yahweh is saying, you must be willing to remain on the CUTTING TABLE of what Yahweh is doing…(the true prophetic).

Cut everything out of me Lord unlike you, sever it with the sword of your word, pierce my heart with the power of your love, gut me like a fish. Holy Spirit, overflow me like a reservoir, with the Voice of many waters. Amen and Amen and Amen


  1. Oh my, you got to the point rather quickly. Something to really think about. Blessings to you.


    • May your time on Yahweh’s cutting table be life changing for you, Julie! Abundant blessings flow to you! 🙂


  2. And amen!


  3. Amen! Whatever cuts HE makes are for our good and we will praise Him for them.


    • He cuts and prunes us so we will be more productive!


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