Posted by: Pure Glory | 10/20/2013

Believing Who Yahweh Says I Am

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

For the rest of my life, I believe everything Yahweh says I am, more than I have believed the lies of the enemy of who I am not.

Admit it, for the rest of my life, I am living in “God-Is-Fulfilling-Me-COUNTRY.” Additional charges may apply, still no longer believing the lies of the enemy, concerning me or those Yahweh has sent to be with me. HAPPY TRAVELS TODAY!

*God has fulfilling you on his mind and he wants you to have fulfilling you, on your mind.*



  1. Amen!


    • Yahweh has the final say in this matter!


  2. i really love the photograph, it’s like God is smiling on us!


    • Yes, God Smiles and shines on us! 😀


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