Posted by: Pure Glory | 10/03/2013

Yahweh’s Love Makes Us Wealthy

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

I refuse to spend my life building walls, holding grudges, and being toxic emotionally, forfeiting the very thing Yahweh gifted me with. In lieu of this, I am spending the rest of my life building people, forgiving people, healing emotionally, and embracing those who desire to embrace the call of the apostolic on my life. I can only apostle those who allow me to, not those who just want me to. I am spending the rest of my life, doing for other people, what I wanted someone to do for me. Because Yahweh’s LOVE MAKES US WEALTHY, but a bitter, hateful, or judgmental spirit, makes us poor (encouraging poverty). (Hebrews 12:15; Romans 2:1-6)


  1. Amen! God’s love internalized by us makes us generous, thinking only of serving others, regardless of whether we have received that same nurturing from others. Our love for people allows us to change those who actively seek and participate in our attempts to heal them through the power of God.


    • God’s love transforms us into conduits of his love to others. 🙂


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