Posted by: Pure Glory | 10/28/2013

Focus On Yahweh’s Love

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

Don’t focus on how much you give, or owe, or how much you have to pay. Focus on how much Yahweh loves you, provides for you, and has your way already paved. The moment the seed leaves your hand, is the very moment HEAVEN is released over your life, and so many other blessings are being sent in your direction. When you’re focused on the Eternal Giver and not what you gave, you will never be without, for the balance of your days…Selah



  1. You are such a blessing… I really look forward to your posts x


    • Praise God! It’s wonderful to know that my posts make a difference. 😀


  2. That is very, very, very good advice.


    • God is our strength, our life and love. He lavishes his love on us!


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