Posted by: Pure Glory | 09/20/2022

Foes Vanquished

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

Yahweh just spoke this to me:

“…Don’t be afraid; stand confident and see the deliverance of Yahweh which He will work in you today. For the ENEMIES you have seen today YOU SHALL NEVER SEE AGAIN. Yahweh will fight for you, and you shall hold your peace and remain at rest.” (Exodus 14:13-14)

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  1. Amen🙏🏽


  2. I needed this

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    • Praise God! He gives us just what we need!


      • I didn’t know how to share my page with you but I pray for your post to be true. I have some events that I cannot beat without him and I’m really scared for my family

        Finding the write words

        I have always had the toughest time doing this, sometimes i think im about to change the mind of someone i love or someone in a bad place and it backfires in my face from my tone.
        I continue to work and pray on it but my emotion always gets in the way! Even to the point it is completely taken backwards. I think to myself that whoever im speaking to knows my heart,
        enough to know id never hurt them or say anything in the form of malicious or hateful, vengeful or vindictive. But i forget that weve all been hurt and not everyone is a lineman and can handle a motivational speech. Some people forget that some are not criminals and some are not sheep. Who knows how to talk to everyone. I can only think of one person. The strongest person! That person left us with the tools of his craft, and i pray he humbles me meek! That i to may inherit what has been left to me!
        Cherish the meek man instead of shunning him or bullying him! Encourage the meek man instead of calling him weak!
        Honor the meek man instead of forgetting him and when you see meekness in a young man acknowledge the power and beauty it has
        To help fuel it. Sometimes it is hard to know in this day and time the incredible importance that it means to be meek.
        This world will do what it can to humiliate and discredit this person and sometimes cause an average Joe to turn sour and give up! This person turns evil and unfortunately alot of times has power and authority, control and even influence. But this man in the end will have nothing on the truest one. When the one meek man has to finally flex you better hope and pray to him that you found a way!
        I pray to this meek man! Oh Father in your son Jesus s name help me understand your word and your tone, your heart and your way. so i can come across as kind and loving so i dont hurt anyone and i can be some type of light in these dark days. So my family and friends can know my heart and know i mean them well and the best. Im sorry to anyone who thinks im mean or crazy or rude or harsh! It is only my passion and imperfections mixing together to cause these things! Know i truly live off of love which is said to be not enough! And it seems to be true in these days but id rather live off of love and be dead wrong and die trying than to live hatefull die alone and wish i woulda coulda stayed strong! YES! STRONG! Cause remember and know it takes the STRONGEST BRAVEST AND LOVING PERSONS TO B MEEK!
        Father i pray for peace and any piece of you youll give! Please dont allow this world to change my brothers and sisters heart. I pray you humble us MEEK! In your son Christ Jesus i pray AMEN

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      • Michael, ask the Holy Spirit to give you the words and actions you need, when you witness to your family.
        Luke 21:15 “For I will give you speech and wisdom that none of your adversaries will be able to resist or contradict.” It is God’s heart that all would be saved. When we rely on Holy Spirit, we get the right words. May the love of God ooze out of you, in all your interactions.

        Blessings of the Lord God!


      • Thank you


      • You’re welcome!


    sorry for blowing you up just wanted to make sure I see your stuff


    • Michael, I see that your site is private. You can subscribe to Pure Glory and get the post sent to your email. See the side bar and subscribe.



      • I didn’t know it was private it no longer is I don’t think thank you for letting me know


      • You’re welcome!


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