Posted by: Pure Glory | 04/15/2022

True Worship

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

More importantly, God wants to hear our HEARTS when we worship, not our song selection, skills, and abilities. I’m coming back to the Heart of worship because it’s all about His Heart, not ours. His standards, not ours. His People, not ours.

True Worship is giving God what he desires DAILY, not a Cain offering.

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  1. So true.
    If we could only understand the importance of serving others as well as ourselves, then we could learn to come together as one.
    I find meditation and prayer has helped guide me through this process where I let go of ego and found the key of empathy; thinking about someone else.
    Thanks for sharing and take care 🙏 🙏 🙏


    • It is so important to worship God by pleasing Him and doing what He desires. We love Him because He first loves us. He then shows us how to love others, when we put Him first. Then everything will be in alignment. Glory to God! You are welcome!

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  2. This is spot on! It’s not about a canned and prepared worship service, canned 30 seconds prayer time between a song to switch pads, etc. We as a people need to get back to WHY we worship. It’s to bring honor and glory to God, not a presentation of our skills to improve the comfort of the people.

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    • Amen! Brian, it is so important to honor God with our lives and to obey Him! When we put God first, then He gets all the glory and honor.

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  3. ✝️💗✝️💗

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  4. Absolutely. I used to obsess over what to sing when I’m assigned to. I would use my intelligence instead of relying on the Spirit of God. And later I would be obsessed with my performance.

    One day, during a minister’s conference, I was called upon to lead them in worship. I, an ordinary member of the choir, lead men of God in worship. What should I sing? I just said, “Holy Spirit, help me, sing through me.”

    I can not describe what happened afterwards, but I know I brought God to the people and brought the people up to God.

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    • Yes, worship works so much better when we rely on Holy Spirit and give God what he desires. It is a lifestyle of God pleasing instead of men pleasing. Blessings!

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  5. thank you! pure worship in SPIRIT and in TRUTH! giving our living body to be filled!

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    • Yes! Following the Spirit’s lead and doing what he says. Pleasing God and not man.


  6. True worship is giving God what He desires. Not what we choose, but Him.

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    • Amen! Pleasing God and obeying him is true worship!


  7. Amen! The Heart of worshiping Him in Spirit and truth. Love God with heart, soul, and mind. Thanks for that.

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  8. Oh, so good! His worship is on my heart tonight! Thank you!

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    • You’re welcome! Worship goes 24 hours, 7 days a week.


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