Posted by: Pure Glory | 04/22/2020

New Day And Season!

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

It’s time! It’s time! It’s really time to walk out into the deep of God and dive into the purposes of God, with total obedience, in holy abandonment to Him! It’s time to seize every opportunity for Christ and his kingdom!

It’s time, rise and shine, for our Light has come and the glory of the Lord is risen upon us! (Isaiah 60:1)

No more holding back! No more looking back! No more dwelling on the failures and mishaps of the past. But looking upward, forward and onward, to Jesus, the author and finisher and originator of our faith! Not allowing the enemy or his influences on other people to stop us from fulfilling, walking in, or laying hold of what God has promised!

New day! New season! New grace! New anointing! The enemy has lost and we are victorious Victors in Jesus!

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  1. Amen!


  2. Thank you for speaking the truth my soul needed to hear today! God bless!

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    • You are welcome! Good to know this truth nourished your soul. The blessings of God are on you!


    • AMEN!! Mine did too!!


  3. Thank you for the herald of truth. We should keep our eyes open and our hearts ready, for Our LORD is doing some amazing things right now to get our attention. I’m praying to keep my own hearts in a praying position, and my eyes open to see opportunities to share Christ with the unbelieving world–for I believe we have a window open to us right now, for receptive hearts to hear and receive the news of Christ and his great, sacrificial love. I don’t want to miss any opportunity. Thank you for encouraging us.

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    • You are welcome! This is an important season! Blessings!


  4. Rejoicing at this moment in your beautiful companionship!


  5. AMEN!! AMEN!! AMEN!! New day! New season! Thank You Father for my “New grace! New anointing!” “The enemy has lost and we are victorious Victors in Jesus!” I AM victorious in Jesus!! Thank you Apostle for this encouraging word as always!!

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  6. ameeeen!!!! :):):)


  7. Yes!!!


  8. Amen!


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