Posted by: Pure Glory | 04/17/2020

Prayer And Decrees For You

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

I pray today that your faith exceeds the boundaries of the past, and the limitations of your mind.

I decree that your eyes would be opened to see your own value, your own attractiveness, and your Own God-given power and spheres of influence, in this world.

I pray that you would not be blinded or hindered by what you’re going through but that you would still SEE AND MOVE INTO WHAT GOD HAS FOR YOU. Because your heart has been through so much, I pray that Yahweh gives you a new one today.

Although there may be or may have been some misunderstanding, discouragement, hardship, grief, and devastating unexpected’s in your life, GOD IS WORKING IT ALL TOGETHER FOR YOUR GOOD!

I decree that everything that has happened or is happening in your life that’s not in line with God’s good and very good for you, I pray that TODAY, GOD MAKES IT LIKE IT NEVER WAS.


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  1. Love both the photo and this post ❤️


  2. I shared your prayer, I hope you don’t mind. Thank you, it touched my heart.


    • It is fine to share as long as you give credit to the author and the reference Thank you!

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  3. Amen!


  4. Such a wonderful prayer and decree. I receive every bit of it. And your last point about God’ love being so much bigger than what we’re going through reminded me of a song the Lord gave me many years ago when I was just worshiping Him alone. I can’t give you the tune here, but I’m going to share the words with you here because I believe the song will bless you as well.

    “Your love overcomes, Lord.
    Your love overwhelms, Lord.
    Your love lifts me up to You, where I belong.
    You look not at what I am,
    But what You will make me to be,
    And Your love overcomes for me; Your love overcomes.”

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    • Thank you for sharing the song the Lord gave you, Sandra. It is a blessing! Good to know you received the prayer and decrees! They are yours. Praise God for His incredible love!


  5. Amen!


  6. Prayer And Decrees For You

    Crown of Glory International Ministries,


  7. Thank you!
    Blessings and prayers~🙏💖

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