Posted by: Pure Glory | 01/05/2020

Agree With The Word Of God

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

I pray your thoughts are filled with heaven, fused with the Word of God, and fluent with his prophetic heart. No doubt, What you think about, you bring about! (1 Timothy 4:15)

Psalms 19:14
So may the words of my mouth, my meditation-thoughts, and every movement of my heart be always pure and pleasing, acceptable before your eyes, my only Redeemer, my Protector-God.

Psalms 38:18
I confess all my sin to you; I can’t hold it in any longer. My agonizing thoughts punish me for my wrongdoing; I feel condemned as I consider all I’ve done.

Psalm 39:3-4
My heart burned with a fire within me, and my thoughts eventually boiled over until they finally came rolling out of my mouth. “Lord, help me to know how fleeting my time on earth is. Help me to know how limited is my life and that I’m only here but for a moment more.

Psalm 40:17
Lord, in my place of weakness and need, I ask again: Will you come and help me? I know I’m always in your thoughts. You are my true Savior and hero, so don’t delay to deliver me now, for you are my God.

Psalm 50:10-11
Every animal of field and forest belongs to me, the Creator. I know every movement of the birds in the sky, and every animal of the field is in my thoughts. The entire world and everything it contains is mine.

Psalms 70:5
Lord, in my place of weakness and need, won’t you turn your heart toward me and hurry to help me? For you are my Savior and I’m always in your thoughts. So don’t delay to deliver me now, for you are my God.

Psalms 77:6
Then I remembered the worship songs I used to sing in the night seasons, and my heart began to fill again with thoughts of you. So my spirit went out once more in search of you.

Psalms 94:19
Whenever my busy thoughts were out of control, the soothing comfort of your presence calmed me down and overwhelmed me with delight.

Proverbs 4:21
Fill your thoughts with my words until they penetrate deep into your spirit.

Proverbs 9:6
Lay aside your simple thoughts and leave your paths behind. Agree with my ways, live in my truth, and righteousness you will find.”

Isaiah 55:8
“For my thoughts about mercy are not like your thoughts, and my ways are different from yours.”

Only in God’s presence, his thoughts become our thoughts and the more we are in his presence, his heart becomes our heart.

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  1. A fine collection of Bible verses that encourages us all to seek God’s presence by immersing ourselves in His Word. Happy New Year, Hazel!

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  2. Amen!!!

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  3. Really meditating on that next to last Scripture

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  4. I really need to meditate on that next to the last scripture

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  5. Amen! Glory, Hallelujah!

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  6. God is great


    • Decree God’s Word and see what happens.


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