Posted by: Pure Glory | 08/05/2017

Fresh New Sound Arising

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

No skill-set, talent, chord progressions, intellect, runs, riffs, popularity or non popularity, will destroy yokes and deliver people. Only the anointing, and the pure Glory of God, does that.

There is a new sound, a sweet fresh sound, that is arising, in the land. It’s a sound of no compromise, a sound of holiness and purity. It is a spontaneous sound, a prophetic sound, a demon-busting birth-through breaking sound.

It has the heart of the Father, the music of heaven, the lyrics of the Lord and of angels. It’s the sound of Deliverance. It’s the sound of Healing. It’s the sound of Great Joy and Prosperity. It’s the cry of the Bridegroom, to the Bride, and the cry of the Bride, to her Bridegroom. It is the sound that will release nations and put God on display.

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  1. Amen. May ears be opened to hear it.

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  2. Hallelujah! What an awesome sound it is!


  3. Hallelujah!!! This what I know to be true. Have your way Lord! Glory to God!!!

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  4. The sound is the united heart beat of all the Christ followers on this earth with their Creator. We praise You, Jesus.

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  5. May it not tarry!!

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  6. Your words continue to fill my heart like the rushing roar of a waterfall. I can only ask that you be blessed not seven times but seventy times seven times in return for what you pour out. Thank you.

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    • Your encouraging words and blessing are appreciated and received! You are most welcome!

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  7. Amen! Praise God for the new sound, pure & spirit led….Real worship 😊

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  8. Amen, to this. May God have His way in our hearts and in our land. Love to worship…simple and pure.


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