Posted by: Pure Glory | 08/04/2017

God’s Love Transforms

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

You are coming into your own. You are emerging, from the bud to blossom. I am healing your land. You are taking your land. For I AM transforming you, by the rays of My Glory. I love you, for who you really are. Aureate (golden, splendid). I love you, just the way you are. Gold.

Similarly, to the metamorphosis of the butterfly 🦋, which evolved from the caterpillar 🐛. God’s love transforms us. However, the transformation is not so much, changing you into someone else, but rather, UNCOVERING WHO YOU REALLY ARE.

The Love, the Father has for you, is so revolutionary. His Love causes you to see yourself as “priceless gold,” in lieu of the “cheap lead” you once thought.

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  1. It sure does, my brother in Christ! Thank you for the reminder (smile) Blessings

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  2. Wonderful encouragement. Thank you.

    I have also learned that we must also die to ourselves in order to grow into God’s plan for our lives. Like the caterpiller must wrap himself in God’s arms and rest in God’s plan for his life in order to grow into the beauty God intends for him, so we must die to ourselves, having faith in His plan and trusting in His goodness, in order to grow and blossom into the beautful bloom he intends for us to be.


  3. God is love! Really enjoyed reading this. Liked how you mention god loved us for who we truly are.


  4. Beautiful

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  5. His amazing workmanship!

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  6. “Uncovering who you really are”… that statement is SO powerful. This world will contaminate us with all kinds of filth, but God’s transforming power will definitely reveal the purity of who we are created to be…thank you for this Word…❤️


    • The glory goes to God. You are welcome!


  7. This is good! God’s love is like a refining fire. It produces only after Himself, making us more like Him. Its the best gift we could ever receive👌


  8. You are right – God’s love is absolutely transformative! Thank you for stopping by my blog..and for the ‘like’.


    • You are welcome! God’s love changes everthing!


  9. Nice photo at the end 😂

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  10. You’re welcome! Blessings!


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