Posted by: Pure Glory | 07/23/2012

Metamorphosis To Butterfly

by Hazel Straub

How many of you have admired the beauty of butterflies and identified with their transformation from a caterpillar? There, however, is a process that it must go through before appearing as a butterfly. First, the caterpillar emerges from a tiny egg and eats the leaves on which it arises. It is very hungry and eats much, shedding its skin and growing to 100 times its original size. Second, it forms a chrysalis, which hangs from a twig or the underside of a leaf and hardens.

Inside, the pupa begins to digest its whole body. Soon, only a nutrient rich liquid remains, instead of the caterpillar. The wings and the entire butterfly form, in this restrictive protective environment. Finally, the butterfly fights its way out of the chrysalis, after under going a metamorphosis. Cutting the cocoon open to help, will result in underdeveloped wings that will never fly. The struggle to emerge, makes the butterfly strong. The butterfly rests for hours before flying. Then butterfly soars, in testimony of its Creator.

The ugly caterpillar, into a beautiful butterfly transformation is a picture of what God does with our lives. We feed and grow, as we are hungry for more of the Lord. We consume the Word of God, growing in fellowship with the Lord, praising, worshipping, listening and obeying. We desire nothing more than to become more like him. Then we undergo a process of transformation, in the dark restrictive protection of the chrysalis, with our flesh dying, as we become liquid. We cry out to God because we find the process painful. Our Creator’s beauty shines, in our metamorphosis from caterpillar to beautiful butterfly.

It is important not to resist the process but to submit fully to the Master’s hand on our lives. Do not complain about the restrictions, on your life because they are your protection, during the process. At the set time, we struggle to cast off the last remnants of the old season.  This struggle causes us to become God dependent, we need him. Then others will marvel at the beauty of Jesus, seen in the redeemed completely transformed life, as we soar in the light of God’s love. It will cost you everything but you will gain so much more!


  1. And once the caterpillar becomes a butterfly, it doesn’t return to scratching around in the dirt.
    Once we are transformed by the Spirit of God, we should not fall back into conformity with the world.


    • True, our very essence is changed while in the chrysalis. We can not return to being a caterpillar. But we must die to our flesh and allow God and his Spirit to reshape us.


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    • Thank you cvieira21 for the reblog!


      • Its a pleasure, great article! 🙂


      • Thank you and appreciate your encouragement.


  3. Pure Glory, your blog is the epitome of inspiration; I nominated you for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award, , check out the post


    • Thank you nature789 for your nomination for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award to Pure Glory. It is appreciated.


  4. Irrespective of my religious beliefs, I appreciate you referencing how a butterfly is born.

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