Posted by: Pure Glory | 10/03/2016

Living For Christ

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

Too many of us are living from without and not living from within.

Living from within – Predicated on Christ, what he has done, thinks, and says about us. Living from without – Predicated on works, what we’ve done, what others think, and what people say about us.

Give me fresh grace to be your special son or daughter, to see and know I’m your Beloved! Increase the grace to hear your voice today Lord, even when I am sleep or awake…

You awaken my ear to hear your voice, clearer than clear…
He awakens my ear, to HEAR! (Isaiah 50:4)

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  1. Living for Him is the first step. The next: let Him live through you. “I have been crucified with Christ, and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me”

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    • Yes. It involves relationship with Christ. Not my will but his. Listening to his voice, letting Christ shine and dying to our flesh.

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  2. May my ears never be deafened to His voice!!! AMEN!!!

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  3. We partake of Grace! Glory be to God!

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  4. Good post. Keep up the good writing.

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  5. Amen🙏

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  6. Great way to describe it. This is the dilemma of so many–trying to earn His love all the while all He wants from us is to live in and through this marvelous love.

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    • Yes, Pastor Randy, his marvelous love transforms us from the inside out!


  7. Amazingly said! Breaking away from constant worry of what others think is very difficult especially in college aged young adults. Living from within helps us not to be bound by that! Amazing

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    • Yes, our call is to obey God not man. Difficult, to face disapproval from others, but you do not answer to them but God. He has been working on my heart to live please him. People change with the wind. God has you here for a purpose. You will have great satisfaction following the passions in your heart. With the vision, he will give provision. Following your path, brings great satisfaction. Go girl!!!

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  8. awesome! thanks for sharing


    • Live as a God pleaser not a people pleaser!


  9. Great post. It’s important to have Christ at the centre of our lives

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