Posted by: Pure Glory | 06/19/2016

Prophetic Release

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

Prophetic Release:
Too many people, forfeit their harvest, their expected end, and the manifestation of their prayers. Because they allow the enemy, pressures, and the wrong people, to con them out of what God deems already belongs to them.

In Yeshua’s authority, power, and name, I prophesy to your spirit resurrection anointing, a supernatural charge to your spirit and a fresh momentum. I declare the hell that has been loosed against you, to hold you back, is now supernaturally transformed into the power of God to push you forward. I cancel and break off every lying spirit of doubt, fear, and unbelief and destroy its systems in your life, by the authority of Christ.

I release you to destiny, fulfillment, apostolic breakthrough and great blessing from the Lord. Rise up, and be resurrected by the same power that raised Yeshua from the dead. This is no cliché, generational curses, ancestral curses, demonic alliances, and all witchcraft and weapons formed against YOU, SHALL NOT PROSPER. They are cut off, severed at the root, by the sword of the Lord and rendered powerless, null, void and ineffective in your life, from this moment forth.

Jesus be exalted! Jesus be exalted over your life. The heavens, the floodgates, are open over your life, walk in a new expectancy of the blessing, and the favor of God in your life. I declare jubilee over your life. I release giant warring angels to do battle against all demonic activity concerning you. It is happening! It is working! It is good, because God is making it happen, working it in your favor, and turning it for your good!

The blood of Jesus over the ears of your spirit, that you hear the Voice of the Lord clearly, and louder than any other voice in your life. Be filled with fresh fire and Holy Ghost. Receive a pure heart and righteous Spirit from the Lord.

Jehovah says, “That which has been held up, or seemingly delayed (including yourself) in your life, will be held up no longer in Yeshua’s releasing name! The limits are not only broken but annihilated from your mind and your life today. Gifts and new giftings of the Lord, are unlocked within you, today. AND YOUR PAST, PAST EXPERIENCES, PAST HURTS, PAST ADDICTIONS, AND PAST RELATIONSHIPS WILL NO LONGER BE A REFERENCE, INFLUENCE, or HAVE ANY MORE BEARING ON YOUR LIFE AND FUTURE!


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  1. AMEN I receive it in YESHUA’S name !

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  2. Amen. And thank you.

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  3. Keep prophesying. God is giving your voice ONLY to the ones He wants to hear. I hear the voice of God Almighty speaking through the Prophet. You don’t acknowledge yourself as a prophet but, you are a prophet of the Almighty God. Wear the mantle and go forth. Many many many are waiting to hear from God thru you prophet of God. Blessing Gloria Lundvall

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    • Praise God,Gloria, he gives us our voice and ears to hear! Abundant blessings to you!


  4. 50 year Jubilee! Whee! We cancel the ritual blood sacrifices of the enemy, bind their strong men and remove the assignment of the enemy by applying the blood of the Lamb of God, sacrificed once and for all, and with the help of our Father and the King of glory’s host of heaven, the holy angel armies, we cry Abba! Father! and say “Victory is ours in Christ now and for ever and ever Amen. Hallelujah!”


    • Jesus triumphed over the enemy and made a spectacle of them. His victory is our victory! Praise God!

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  5. To the prophetic release: Yes! Amen! and Amen!!! thank you Pure Glory! Thank you Abba Father!


  6. GLORY SHOUTS & AMENS! There’s been a long season of fasting and pressing in, with intense battles, since this Jubilee began…Praise the Lord, for this prophetic word which comes as the mighty breath of the Lord, speaking LIFE and confirming His release!!! ALLELUIA!! Thank You, Yeshua!!

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  7. WOWOWOW!! what a word!!! i receive this now! i take hold of it and invited it into my spirit and my life! i believe your words and want you to know they were “right on time”for me!! i can’t go into what’s been going on, but i want you to know that your faithfulness and timing is amazing…only Daddy could have timed it this perfect…
    you’re a blessing and i’ve always honored your gift, it is “indeed” from God and He is using you mightily!! i thank you for not just myself, but for many of us who’s lives you’ve touched and changed!!!
    God bless you and may His light shine upon you even more glorious!!!
    blessings upon blessings to you 😉

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    • All Glory and Praise to God! I receive your blessings and am encouraged that the words have been life changing. Abundant blessings!

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  8. ❤️


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