Posted by: Pure Glory | 06/20/2016

Believe And Worship God

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

Don’t stop trying, because your trying will be transfigured, into accomplishment. Don’t stop believing God, because your believing will develop into fulfillment. And whatever you do, don’t stop worshiping God, because your worship, (like King David), will transform your life, city, and nation.

The enemy wants you to stop. However, God wants you to know that he sees the end, the final results, and the outcome of your situation, AND IT IS GOOD AND VERY GOOD, just don’t stop.

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  1. Very encouraging, Gabriel. The picture pulled me in because I have certainly been there a lot. Sometimes we just need someone to tell us to take the next step, and keep it going one at a time.

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    • Praise God! Lisa, thank you for your response. Many times we need to know that our our circumstances are temporary and the end result will be good.

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      • That is so true. I just finished writing a book about my growing up abuse. I spent years wondering why I was never rescued, but being a few decades older now I realize that God rescued me spiritually. In the long run, the spiritual rescue was way more important. It’s a strange way of looking at things, but I believe it to be true.

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      • So true….only recently the Lord reminded me too that His spiritual rescue is infinitely more valuable and more rich a treasure than anything we might be able to measure in terms of earthly outcomes…

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      • Yes, God’s ways are not our ways. Spiritual rescue is so much better.


  2. Sometimes, the only thing left to do – the only thing that makes sense – is to BELIEVE. We have to know God is there, and that He knows what is ahead. Simple trust is so hard – but so necessary. Good words.

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  3. awesome encouragement, Praise God!


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