Posted by: Pure Glory | 12/15/2010

God Says, It’s YOUR TIME!

by Apostle Gabriel Cross


  1. This is truly a word in due season! It is in agreement with other words spoken and received recently. This word, however, dispelled a fear by addressing the difference in ‘turn’ and ‘time’. It is what was prayed yesterday by the Spirit. Yes, it is TIME!


  2. I receive this in Jesus’ Name! I often ask the Lord, “when is going to be my turn?” And I always hear people say “in God’s time it will happen” so this is really good to know that it is finally my time — thank you Jesus!

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    • Praise God that it is not your turn but your time! Hallelujah!


  3. I had a dream on last night that an angel disguised as a man said these words to me, “It’s Your Time!” Hallelujah! I googled on the internet what this means and this is how I found your article. I receive the activations and words of what shall happen in the name of Jesus! God bless you for writing this article… May the Lord continue to use you in supernatural ways! Obedience pays off every time! God bless You!


    • God is so good and it is your time, Courtney! Thank you! I receive the blessings.


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