Posted by: Pure Glory | 05/11/2013

Is Christ Reflected In You?

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

God will give anything to you that he can get through you. We are called to be Imitators of God, ambassadors for Christ, sons, led by the Spirit of God. Whatever, he does to us, we are supposed to do for others. He has been merciful, so we should release mercy. He has comforted us, so we should comfort others, etc.

Do you want Yahweh to treat you the way you treat those who’ve wronged you? I surely don’t. The Word declares forgive us our trespasses, AS WE FORGIVE THOSE WHO TRESPASS AGAINST US. Did you know when you’re praying that you are asking Yahweh, “To treat you the way you treat people?”

Regardless, of how we are treated, we have to give an account for our actions, in how we respond or react to it. Can they see the reflection of Christ in your character, attitude, emotions, workload, and relationships? It is essential to be exemplary of Christ. The only way we can achieve this is walking in love, forgiveness, and enduring the chastening of The Lord.


  1. I have to try to stay on top of this one all the time. It’s so important that we remember that, for many people in our lives, we are truly the ONLY understanding of Jesus Christ they have access to.


  2. Sound advice. People judge our Christ by what they see of Him in those who claim His name. May He shine forth His love, mercy and grace from us to others, so that He can draw them to Himself.


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