Posted by: Pure Glory | 04/18/2013

Challenged To Trust Yahweh

by Hazel Straub

Today, the challenge confronts us to trust in Yahweh, no matter how hard we find our circumstances. He calls us to lean on him for strength, allowing him to carry us and all our burdens. No longer full of pride, stubbornness and foolishly independent of him. Our  wounds cause us to only move, using his help and support, to grow through the difficulties that face us. Yielding to him brings abundant life, fully dependent and trusting in his love.

“Yahweh is my rock, and my fortress, my deliverer, my God, my strength, in whom I trust (lean on).” (Psalm 18:2)



  1. The world seems to be getting darker and more evil every day, but our God remains constant. He never changes. His love and care for His own never change. We can totally depend on Him, in complete confidence.


    • Yes, leaning on God and allowing him to be in charge, gives us light in the midst of evil. His incredible love, mercy and concern for us is wonderful beyond description. What an incredibly awesome Father God!


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