Posted by: Pure Glory | 04/24/2013

Trust Yahweh Your Shepherd

by Hazel Straub

Do you wonder why you live where you live, have the neighbors you do, work at your job, are a part of your particular family, have certain people in your life who are irritating and others that are pleasurable? Yahweh is your shepherd and leads and guides you every day of your life. He asks you to trust him that everything will work out for your best, when you love him. He sifts all that happens to you through his fingers of love.

The things that irritate you can become the things that accelerate your growth. A pearl forms in an oyster, when a grain of sand or other provoking thing gets stuck in its soft tissue. The pearl forms to protect the oyster from the irritant. In the process, something very rare, fine, admirable and valuable, a pearl gemstone and an object of value, results. So too our Good Shepherd, leads and guides us in good paths that have challenges. As we grow and mature through them, we become pearls of great value that shine because we learn to love, not hate, and our character becomes refined in the fires of adversity. Trust the Lord and know he is making you into a rare gem of great beauty.


  1. The times of adversity have been the times of my biggest “growth”


    • Yes, adversity brings growth. All the things that don’t satisfy are stripped except the Lord.


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