Posted by: Pure Glory | 04/19/2013

Cling With Trust In God

by Hazel Straub

Trust in God, means clinging to him. A melon through its connection to a small vine, has substance and grows.  At times, we may not see Yahweh, in the midst of our perception of huge troubles. However, Yahweh, nourishes and sustains us, when we cling to him, like the melon to the vine, giving us all we need to grow and mature. God is our help and support.

We can confidently say, “In God — I praise his word — in God I trust (cling securely); I have no fear.” (Psalm 56:4)



  1. Praise God for our (unbreakable) connection to Him. Praise God that the very life which flows through the Vine also flows through the branches. Praise God that no matter what circumstances face us, He is ALWAYS with us, ready to help and empower and enable us and to undertake for us as we submit to Him and trust Him.


    • Amen, Praise God that we are connected through him in clinging trust!


  2. Really good, Sister Hazel. A powerful image of clinging to Him.


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