Posted by: Pure Glory | 12/13/2011

God’s Correction Is Love

by Apostle Christiana Robinson

In this season, God is helping us do what we can’t do. Some of us have addictions and unhealthy habits that we can’t break in our own strength. We try and try but seem to succumb to the weakness of the flesh. Sometimes we make excuses to justify our addiction or unhealthy habit. God may have even told us personally or through other people the strategy to overcome. But we choose to yield to the lust of the flesh that cries out for more of the addiction or unhealthy habit.

God says, ‘It’s time to choose, life or death. I am pouring out my abundant grace to you, so you may overcome. My love for you is correction. My correction, for you is my love. I don’t want you to die but to live. I don’t want you bound; I want you free. My sons and daughters of Zion, the lion of Judah roars in your defense. His roar outweighs the human sound wave and breaks into pieces the hidden chains. The devil wants to trip you up with hurtful addictions and unhealthy habits that hinder your progress and not help. My love for you is so strong that I will do whatever it takes to help you live physically and spiritually. I am warning the body of my son, Christ that hearing my voice and obeying me is important. I would that you be made whole. But you must do your part in the equation. Decide to hear my voice and obey. Deliverance comes in many fashions. One of them is simply hearing my voice and obeying.”

“This is a new beginning. You’re not the same. You are not taking the old ways with you into the New Year. A new mind I give you through the renewing of my word and the obeying of my voice.”

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