Posted by: Pure Glory | 08/11/2011

Apostolic Supernatural Power Of God

by Apostle Christiana Robinson

If we want to operate more in the apostolic, supernatural power of God, we must crave, desire and sow to the Spirit of God. When we sow to the things of the flesh, we reap fleshly ways, desires, reactions and carnality. God wants us to hunger more for His Spirit so the supernatural will happen. He wants us to sow to the Spirit, that we may reap the things of the Spirit, including the Spirit’s fruit and the giftings and more.

Miracles like raising the dead and healing the sick still happen today. The power of God in us is so strong. The devil wants us to believe we have no power, but we do. Even our words are so powerful that we can think ourselves healed. By meditating on what God’s word says about us, we can think ourselves prosperous. We can speak ourselves prosperous, declaring the word of the Lord over ourselves. “Yes! I am rich because I am a joint heir with Christ.”

Deliverance still happens today. God reminds us to walk in our God ordained authority. He said that we shall cast out devils. Operating by the Spirit of God, scares the devil and his imps. It terrifies them, when you call on the name of Jesus. The disciples were able to witness a divine intervention, a supernatural appearing of Christ. Christ still appears to his people today, whether in a vision or a dream. Listen, the supernatural is real. If we stay carnal and fleshly, than we will not experience the apostolic, supernatural, divine power and move of God.


  1. Love this.. .AMEN…. We want more of you Lord!!!


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