Posted by: Pure Glory | 11/13/2011

Undeserved Blessings Produce Thankfulness

by Hazel Straub

It is easy to complain or have negative thoughts, as it comes naturally. One has to take every loose thought, emotion and impulse captive, with a life shaped by the Anointed One. It is a conscious decision to move into spiritual maturity and to think on the good.

When we focus on God, his son Jesus the Messiah and God’s Spirit, praise and worship flow out of us. We then develop a thankful heart. The love, mercy and undeserved blessings of God, in each of our lives, is truly amazing. When we think on him, negativity flees.

Psalm 19:14 (Aramaic Bible in Plain English)
“Let the words of my mouth be for your pleasure, and the meditation of my heart before you, Lord Jehovah, my helper and my Savior.”


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