Posted by: Pure Glory | 10/19/2011

Blessing Of Knowing God The Father’s Love

by Hazel Straub

May God the Father, grant you by the rich treasury of his glory, strength with power, through his Spirit indwelling your inner man.

May Messiah through faith dwell and make his permanent home in your heart.
May your roots go deep and even deeper into the rich soil of his marvelous love.

May you have the power and strength to understand, with all God’s people, how wide, high and deep his incredible love is.

May you experience the Love of Messiah, though it’s so great you will never fully understand it. Then you will be filled with the fullness of God;s life and power.
May God get all the glory in your life, in the church and in Messiah Jesus, as he works with his mighty power within us, more than we could dare to ask or hope.

(Adapted from Ephesians 3:16-20)


  1. What an amazing Father God we know, love and serve!

    By the time I approached 22 years old I was a confirmed man hater and the idea of having a father not only had no appeal but filled me with horror. ALL men were despicable and fathers were the worst.

    How my life changed when God stopped me in my tracks, opened my understanding and revealed His plans for me.

    To find that I had been adopted into the family of THE PERFECT Father, the Creator of the universe, who loved me and desired only the very best for me was mind-boggling. Now, after 53 years of delighting in His abiding presence I can do no other than praise Him.

    What an amazing Father!


    • Abba God is certainly amazing. He takes such great interest in each one of us and draws us with his love. His love changes our nature and we become more like him.


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