Posted by: Pure Glory | 12/22/2022

Shame Redeemed!

by Hazel Straub

It is those places of which you are most ashamed and want to bury in the past, that I, the Lord God, am redeeming. I am taking those places and turning them from a pit and trap, into a door of hope. Just as fresh snow covers and transforms the landscape, so I am transforming your life. Rejoice, for I redeem and make you pure. Your past offers hope to the discouraged. Rejoice and look up, for I AM your Redeemer! Live rejoicing!

From there I will give back her vineyards to her, and turn the “Valley of Trouble” into an “Opportunity for Hope.” There she will sing as she did when she was young, when she came up from the land of Egypt. (Hosea 2:15 NET Bible)

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  1. Wow! How I love this! How many times have I thought, oh if I had of done this or that! What if this or that or the other. But, I always come to realize that I would not have met you, and you, and you, all the “You(s),” I am supposed to meet. It rings true in this blessed season, my story for God’s glory!!! Touch through me Holy Spirit, touch through me! Let my past propel others into a marvelous future! Amen!


  2. Amen 🙏🏾. From the pit and trap to a place of glory. The Joseph promise is so encouraging and uplifting. Bless you.

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  3. Great photo for this great post!

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  4. Thank you again for reminding me that my past is just that-my past. Your comments are a blessing.

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    • Russ, your past is in the past! Thank you! Blessings!


  5. Beautiful, Hazel!

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