Posted by: Pure Glory | 09/26/2022

How Will God Fulfill Your Destiny?

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

Sometimes, like Mary, the mother of Jesus, we wonder how God is going to fulfill the great prophecy over our lives; or why would he fulfill this through us? The truth of the matter is, “God is married to his word.” He and his word are one. He is actually obligated to his word. What he promised you, he is more than able and willing to fulfill indefinitely.

Though you may have been barren, you have been expecting, although well along in years, as was Elizabeth. Though it may seem unrealistic and highly impossible, like Mary.
Though it may go against customs and the norm of the systems, in your life, like Zechariah.
God is showing you favor and taking away your disgrace and reproach from among the people.

Like the prophet Habakkuk, God is about to do some things for you that if it were told you, you wouldn’t believe it. This was Zechariah’s and Mary’s first response, after God sent a prophetic angel named Gabriel. Zechariah and Mary alike responded “How can these things be since…”The prophetic word not only wasn’t something they knew before but it was also something they had never experienced.

Therefore, God is about to do some things in your life that have never been done before; God is making some things appear right in front of you that you’ve only been seeing in prayer and prophetic dreams and visions. God is causing supernatural reconciliation of old and new relationships that the enemy schemed would never happen. You are about to experience some things prophetically, you’ve never experienced before.

The manifestation is not only the “appearing of” but also the supernatural “disappearing of” as well.
We are in the season of manifestation. What time is it? Manifestation time, the year of prophetic fulfillment.

The year of the Lord’s eye or the eye of the Lord will guide. Guide, meaning God’s providence, God’s protection, and God’s provision. You have the eyes of the Spirit, to see with new vision. You expect the miraculous, you expect the impossible, you feel the intangible and you see the invisible. God has broken through your enemies of limitations over you. I repeat, God has broken through the enemies’ lines over you.

Micah 2:13, every limitation and barrier seen or unseen has been destroyed. Well done my good and faithful one. Faithful doesn’t mean you’ve done everything right but when you felt like quitting, you did not. You have been faithful over a few things, now I make you to rule and ruler over many things. Ruler over many things like Joseph.

Joseph had a dream and went through a time of trying and testing of that word, until the word of the Lord came true. Then the King sent and loosed him (this is the release of the apostolic sent dimension) and made him…Lord of his house and ruler of all his substance. (Psalm 105:19-21; Genesis 41:40). God is making you ruler of all your substance, instead of your substance ruling you.

Enter now into the Joy of my Rest. I hear the word perseverance, for you are giving birth, and for some, multiple births. You are highly favored of the Lord, empowered and anointed with God’s ability. For he or she who was thought to be barren, is now giving birth. For nothing is impossible with God!

The worship God wants from your heart and lips, in this season is, “Nevertheless, Lord let it be unto me according to your word.” As you embrace your “never-the-less,” God has some “Suddenlies” he’s about to release in your life…and suddenly God did this, and suddenly God did that…you may not know exactly how God is going to do what he has promised or birthed in you; nevertheless it’s always the best, prophesy over yourself today and say, “Nevertheless, let it be Lord unto me according to YOUR WORD LORD!”

Due to your compliance with the word of the Lord, your tongue has now been loosed to articulate the destiny of your life. Then sing like Mary, “…My soul glorifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices…for he has been mindful of the humble state of his servant”..Then sing like Zechariah, “Praise be to the Lord, the God of Israel, because he has come and redeemed me…shown me great mercy…rescued me from the hand of my enemies and enabled us to serve him without fear”…Worship Him! worship Him! Your worship is warfare! (Luke 1:5-80)

Wait a minute, I hear the word industrial. The strong stuff, large, more than just the normal, the extra strength, more than enough, plus a lot more for everybody else and their families too. God is shifting the anointing on his people in this very hour to that of an industrial dimension. Like the consumer, who normally purchases the residential product, has to scrub and dub and then the spot may or may not be completely removed; but the company purchases the commercial industrial strength product and the spot is completely removed effortlessly, without scrub and dub. We are about to experience the real meaning of effortless in our PURE Worship!

For God has translated us from the Land of Wondering, to the Land of Knowing; from the Land of Need More, to the Land of More Than Enough; from “Worry and Frustration Street” to “Expecting and Receiving Boulevard.”

Go ahead, gather some friends, celebrate, have a baby shower! (First natural then spiritual). It’s time, it’s your time, not your turn. The set time of the Lord is upon you, (Psalms 102:13). ” For God will arise and have mercy on (you) Zion, for the time has come, yes the set time to be favored by the Lord.” It’s manifestation time! Congratulations are in order for you!

You are leaving the old images, idols, wrong perceptions of you and you are receiving the Father’s perception and revelation of who you are. He created you in His image and his likeness, you reflect the Father. Therefore, you are disavowing the lies of the enemy just like Elijah did the prophets of Baal. See your beauty, your strength, and your authority. You look just like your Daddy, Abba God.

The New You Be Birthed Today!
In Yeshua’s name and Yeshua’s authority!

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  1. Powerful! Thank you for sharing just what I needed.

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  2. I accept it! Believe it! Receive it! I expect a miracle! I anticipate the inevitable supernatural intervention of God! Suddenly!!! It’s here! So be it – Amen!

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  3. Amen! What a post! And the way it has ministered to me. Praise the Lord!

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  4. With every fiber of my being …I agree and I receive… YES & AMEN!!! Glory to God🙏🏻❤️

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