Posted by: Pure Glory | 08/06/2022

Apostolic Prayer Against The Spirit Of Abortion

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

We wreck and destroy every plan of the enemy concerning us today. 

The spirit of abortion – it is described as death but also before you even start a thing, plan or a goal, this spirit influences you, with feelings of defeat and failure. It works with having a defeated thought life, thoughts of death, discouragement, hopelessness, fear of trying, fear of failing or succeeding. It wants the things of Yahweh, dreams of Yahweh, and the giftings of Yahweh inside you, to die. The things with which the Father impregnated you. It desires these things to die, to wilt and wither away. Then you will not fulfill your destiny. The spirit of abortion includes anything that fails to develop, progress, or mature, as Yahweh intended. 

In the name of Jesus Christ, I command every spirit of abortion attacking your development, progress, and spiritual maturity—growth in Christ, to exit and exodus your life now. I release the judgment of Yahweh against these spirits and drive them out with the finger of Yahweh. 

I burn by the fire of Holy Spirit, the spirit of abortion. I abort every spirit of abortion and sabotage every spirit of sabotage and self-sabotage in your life. I attack every spirit of witchcraft and negativity attacking you and disassemble by fire.  I command and break it off you and your entire bloodline. The blood of deliverance is your portion. Jesus’s blood and finished work on the cross, is your deliverance. Yahweh’s immeasurable, wasteful, grossly extravagant love, is your deliverance. I command it; “Off from your dreams; off and away from your goals, off and way from your giftings in the name above every name Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.” The plans of the enemy are detonated in your life and the plans and purposes of Yahweh are being fulfilled in your life. 

You are free, liberated, and full of the faith of Jesus Christ. I loose you to destiny. I loose you to your divine purpose. I loose you to supernatural growth and development. I unlock you and your giftings. I break and burn the demonic cobwebs, the demonic ceilings, demonic barriers and limitations from your life. Now, make time to prosper, make time to fulfill, plan to succeed and you shall not fail. This is not your end but a new beginning.

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