Posted by: Pure Glory | 07/10/2022

Breakthrough With The Lord Jesus!

by Hazel Straub

We are in a season of breakthrough and breakout in our lives. This breakthrough will come for people with determination to have all that God has for them. Their focus is on the Lord Jesus and they will not allow anyone or anything to deter them from their breakthrough. They repeatedly tell themselves that once they reach Jesus they will have all that they need. No matter the hardships, setbacks and failures that they meet, they continue to press for fulfillment of their God-given desires and destiny.

Those who press through adversity are like the woman, who had blood flowing for 12 years. (Mark 5:24-34) She never gave up looking for a cure and spent all of her money on physicians, trying to get better. Instead her physical condition worsened and she had great suffering. She heard about Jesus and still had faith for her healing.

Although a large crowd surrounded Jesus, she determined to touch the fringe on his prayer shawl that represented all the promises of the Word of God. She knew that there was healing in his wings, fringe or hem (Malachi 4:20). It was not  easy to press through the crowd and her past but she had great faith that would not be denied. The law considered the woman, unclean and untouchable, so she lived her life, as an outcast. Past failures, destitution, and her untouchable status didn’t prevent her from acting in desperate faith. She told herself that she would be healed, when she touched his fringe on the hem of his garment. She did and was immediately healed.

Jesus felt power go out of him and asked who had touched him because she touched him with faith. She fell at his feet trembling and admitted that she was the one. Jesus confirmed her healing, saying her faith had healed her. He told her she would no longer suffer and would go in peace, which meant being whole and complete with nothing broken.

The woman did not let the failures of the past 12 years or her current situation, of seeming insurmountable odds, keep her from receiving what belonged to her. We are also challenged to not let anything defeat us, as we press to Jesus to receive the fullness of  our God-given destiny and desires. No matter how much time has passed and how many defeats you have experienced, this is your season of breakthrough. Press through!

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  1. I receive my breakthrough now in Jesus name! My past shall not hold me down anymore! I have been transformed and recreated, a new creature in Christ Jesus! I declare my freedom which has been settled in the Word of God, in Heaven and here on Earth! In Jesus name, Amen!!

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  2. Wow! She touched the fringe of his garment and met the Shalom of God, nothing missing, nothing broken! Oh What A Savior! Oh Hallelujah! You enthuse me to keep blogging dear friend!

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    • Jesus, our Savior is incredible! He loves each oneso much that he takes time to confirm us, even in our shame. BG, dear friend, so good to know that this is giving you enthuse you to continue to blog!
      Abundant blessings!!!

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  3. Love this!


  4. Great story on faith and healing!

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    • Yes, Peter, what Jesus does for one, he will do for each one of us. 😊


  5. I love how intentional she was. She didn’t treat her potential encounter with Jesus ordinarily.

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    • Yes the woman was determined to touch the fringe of Jesus’ prayer shawl and to be healed.


  6. love this “No matter how much time has passed and how many defeats you have experienced, this is your season of breakthrough. Press through!” I can’t wait to read more of your articles as soon as possible!

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