Posted by: Pure Glory | 07/06/2022

Focus On Yahweh

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by Hazel Straub

God calls us to live in faith with full trust. We are not to fear and recite all the troubles with our circumstances. Instead of focusing on the impossibilities of your situation, thinking and complaining about all the difficulties, keep your focus on Yahweh, the covenant keeping God of your present, and his loving supernatural provision for you. Your problem can become the very thing used by God, to show himself strong, on your behalf.

Faith in God, rehearse his promises, and cry out to him in trusting belief, causes him to hear and answer. With his help, you are victorious. Expect your miracle today! Remember, Jesus gave his life for you and what seemed like terrible defeat, brought you salvation, deliverance and abundant life.

Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. (Romans 10:17)

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  1. “Rehearse His promises.” I love it, Hazel! God Bless.

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    • You’re welcome, David! Abundant blessings! \o/ Glory to God!


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  3. Good advice!


  4. So, so true!!!

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    • It is so important to keep our focus on Yahweh and his goodness!!

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  5. I am currently reading “Overcomer” by Dr. David Jeremiah, and his explanation of David’s courage and confidence when facing Goliath falls along these same lines, with a focus on God and not the problem. Something we all need to be continually reminded of. Blessings ~

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    • Abundant blessings to you! Life works much better when we keep our eyes on our wonderful God who loves and cares for us. \o/ Glory to God!


  6. Make it a daily habit to spend time in The Word!

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  7. Yes indeed! Miracles happen each new day.


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