Posted by: Pure Glory | 05/18/2022

Just Believe!

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

It’s not about where you’ve been but where you’re going.
It’s Not what you have but whom you have in your life
Not about your skills and ability
But what God can do through your humility.

Not about the points or the final score
But about you doing your best and seeking for more.
Not about Bout all knowledge and all collegiate degrees
But revelation of who you are and in the mirror who you see.

It’s not about how it seems, but that you simply, believe

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  2. Thank you for your very thought provoking post. The points you make are poignant, especially this line: But what can God do through your humility.

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    • Thank you, Nancy! Appreciate knowing this post touched you. Believe God!

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  4. Gabriel, great message! I love the picture! It says it, even if there were no words. If only we could always see ourselves as God sees us.
    Have a wonderful day!

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    • Marcy, when we believe, nothing can stop us! Blessings of trust in God! You are welcome!


  5. Love this!

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  6. I agreed with your philosophy. I add mine: “It is not about your possession, it is about your distribution; it is not about your position, it is about your contribution.”

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    • Chris, it is important to know who you are in Jesus, and believe!


  7. A lovely reminder. yes, it is all about “what God can do through your humility.” God bless you !!

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  8. We have so much capacity in us, if only we choose to believe this. 💯

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  9. Love this


  10. I love the line about the points and final score. Amazing poem 🙂

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