Posted by: Pure Glory | 05/17/2022

Well Spoken Words

by Hazel Straub

Choosing our words carefully, turns them golden and adorned with silver. Our words will then be cherished. When we receive wise correction, humbly, it makes us better and adorns our life with beauty.

A well-spoken word at just the right moment
is like golden apples in settings of silver.
To an attentive ear, constructive criticism from a truly wise person
is like an earring or jewelry made of fine gold.

(Proverbs 25:11-12 Voice)

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  1. Well said. 🙂


  2. Power of a word that comes in season.

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  3. Yes!!!


  4. We thank God our Father and his Christ for the gold refined by fire, the white garment to cover us completely, and the eye salve, the eye anointing to SEE from Christ’s finished work of the Cross, and Christ in true believers, the bride, the true church, the one Body and one Spirit of God found in Christ and Christ in you! We give all thanks, honor, praise, worship, glory, majesty, blessing, power, authority, and dominion to God our Father, and the Lamb who is the only One found Worthy to open the seals! Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord God Almighty who was AND IS and is to come! Thank you for the pure Glory of God our Father and his Christ!!!

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  5. Amen! Our words are so important!

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    • Yes, they are. So much better to speak God’s wisdom!


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