Posted by: Pure Glory | 02/28/2022

God Your Solution And Destiny

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

Don’t rehearse the problem, worship the Solution, “GOD,” who resolves all problems and terminates all diseases.

Don’t repeat the past, but worship your Destiny, “GOD,” who not only planned your future but is your future, desiring to prosper you and give you hope.

Don’t resist change, rather embrace Change, who is “GOD,” and desires us to be transformed into the very image of his son, Yeshua!

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  1. Like many people I disliked change, but if God had not allowed change into my life I would have continued to be bound in sin. Through change, God is transforming me into a new creatation

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    • Wonderful, Graham! God uses change in our lives to make us into his image.

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  2. How beautifully poetic and poignant! Thank you for the inspiration to seek HIM!

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    • Praise God! When you seek HIM with all your heart, you find HIM! Hallelujah!


  3. This picture is helping me out enormously. I spent three years and two months long with pharyngitis nonstop mixed in with viral gerd (gastritis). I missed loads of church services here locally. I ended up getting broadcast masses on my phone. Not regularly. Not the same as the real thing. People miss me going around outside the house etc. I only travel to hospital appointments and back here. Boring lifestyle.

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    • Praise God! When we look to God and worship him, he gives us all we need. By the stripes of Jesus be healed! ✞ 💃🏻♥️


  4. Amen! God’s love is the solution, when His heart becomes the destiny!

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