Posted by: Pure Glory | 11/06/2021

In God’s Kingdom…


by Apostle Gabriel Cross

Do your heart a favor:
1. Stop carrying things only The Lord is supposed to carry.
2. Stop harboring things not meant to be harbored.
3. Let go of the false responsibilities The Lord never required of you.
4. Come out of the seduction of inadequacy and come into the sufficiency of God’s grace.
And lastly but not least, Believe in yourself, cause if you’re in God’s Kingdom, YOU CANNOT FAIL!!!!

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  1. Thank you, brother Gabriel. It’s been a tough week , with physical sickness and mental stress at my job. I’ve been tempted to carry and harbor things that are no good. The seduction of inadequacy has been calling out to me these past few days like a Siren on the rocks.

    But then God, through a sister blogger (MusingsofManetteKaye) gave me something to say:

    “In Christ I am greatly blessed, highly favored, and deeply loved.”

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    • You are welcome!
      Amen! In Christ we are a new creation. Old things of inadequacy have passed away and we are blessed, highly favored and blessed and deeply. Loved. Blessings of love!


  2. With the Lord we can do anything. He is always with us 🙏

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  3. Perfect image.


  4. Bless you dear


  5. Thank you Apostle!! This good!!

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  6. yes and amen!


    • There is no better place to live than the kingdom of God!


  7. Amazing click🙏


  8. Amen. Praise the Lord!


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