Posted by: Pure Glory | 10/13/2021

Holiness A Matter Of The Heart

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

I believe the Lord is raising the standard of his holiness in the body of Christ.

“Holiness is for what God is calling and without no man shall see the Lord. Oh I will live right, holy in your sight. Pure and true just like You…” (A prophetic song of the Lord.)

Holiness is a matter or state of the heart towards Christ and his body. Blessed are the pure in heart for they will see God. (Matthew 5:8)

Worship is more than the melodic singing of songs and skillful playing of music but also how we interact with each other and treat our relationships. However, God doesn’t want our offering, if we have an alt against one another. He wants us leave our gift or offering at the altar and go be reconciled to our brother or sister. More than giving an offering, the Father desires us to become an offering poured out like a “drink offering.”

Holiness is a matter of the heart, not the appearance. It’s the pure in heart that will see God, not pure in the letter or Scriptures but the heart. Holiness is the fire of the Holy Spirit exposing the heart, to the permeating love of God. Formerly, there has been much emphasis outwardly, trying to dress to part. While neglecting the most essential part, “the heart.” as we meet the Holiness of God, we become overwhelmingly consumed with living a life filled with pleasing the Lord. The Holy Spirit empowers us to live holy, the word equips us to live holy, but God’s love transforms us to be holy. God is filling our hearts, minds, and body with the fresh fires of his holiness.

Holiness is a matter or condition of the heart.
The inner power of the Holy Spirit outwardly revealing in our character.
A Process of becoming divine,
Dying to live, living to love, and loving to love exactly like God.

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  1. The offerings in the older days before Christianity were given during these days and Christianity did want people at that times to get enough time to learn true spirituality at its core deeply , so offerings could not be abandoned directly and suddenly.
    Evolution is gradual or step by step …


    • It is all about being holy to the Lord and set apart to him. When we receive Jesus as Lord, we die to ourselves and live to him. God and Jesus are eternal and created us. There is no evolution. Offerings to anything other than God our Creator is idolatry.

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  2. Amen, beautiful written and well said.

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  3. Thank you for this message


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