Posted by: Pure Glory | 05/12/2021

What Breeds Selfishness, Entitlement And Discredit?

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

There’s a spirit called over familiarity, it breeds the spirit of entitlement, selfishness, unthankfulness, and can cause one to discredit or devalue what one is given or whom is giving it.

Yahweh says, “Many want to hear a Word but few desire to believe the Word. Obey the Word, or even War in prayer concerning the Word, due to a spirit of over familiarity.”

God doesn’t owe you, we owe Him. He doesn’t have to bless you, he desires to bless you. One of the root causes of the lack of passion and fervency, in our receptivity, of the Word is some have become over familiar and therefore, have no attitude of gratitude but a sentiment of entitlement.

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  2. With the spirit of overfamiliarity comes entitlement, selfishness and a lack of gratitude- that’s is so true.
    The picture did make me laugh, but it speaks well into that entitlement you mention.
    Thank you for this message 🌺

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    • You are welcome! The photo does show what this spirit does to us. It will stifle our breath.

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      • Stifle our breath – I had not thought of that, that is really good.

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      • 😊Yes, don’t forget that we can get delivered through Jesus from this spirit.

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  3. WOW! This is so true. So many people get to a point until they really feel as if they are owed something by God, and even other people. It is very sad, because that is when a person takes even grace and mercy for granted. That is why people should never get common or too familiar with their leaders, because they will start disrespecting them without even trying to; it will just naturally happen. I have seen it many times and the sad part is, it can get out of control and never corrected.

    Bless you for sharing this.

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    • You are welcome, Carla. The good news is that we can repent and change our mind concerning this spirit and get delivered.

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  4. The picture is cute it reminds me of my animals. I agree we owe everything to God, and Praise His name he has chosen us to be his children

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  5. I’d actually never thought of this. I do know that we take God for granted because He has blessed and blessed us and we “expect” it. Nope, nothing’s guaranteed. He desires our hearts.
    And the picture made me laugh out loud. It’s very fitting.

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  6. This spirit of entitlement, selfishness and unthankfulness is definitely a spirit we see running rampant in the world, as it is of the world and has nothing to do with God. It coincides with “You will know them by their fruits” and the fruit of this spirit is rottenness. Very good writing Gabriel. Be Blessed.

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    indeed, God’s wisdom is here—and what a picture!

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