Posted by: Pure Glory | 04/02/2021

Timeless Truth!

by Hazel Straub

God calls us to die to ourselves and to live for Christ. Death to our selfishness is not a  popular topic but we are called to die to ourselves, (our fleshly desires) daily, take up our cross, and follow Jesus. This results in dying to our flesh with its pride, stubbornness, rebellion, passions, lusts and desires.

Seeds have to die and lose their personal identity, to release the power inside. A small acorn when planted in soil, dies and eventually becomes a huge oak tree with many acorns. An apple seed dies to its seed form and becomes an apple tree filled with hundreds of apples that have many seeds.

Jesus laid down his life and died so we and untold others would live. When we follow him and die to our flesh, Jesus gets the glory and many come into the kingdom of God. Never despise small beginnings!

He replied to them, “Now is the time for the Son of Man to be glorified.  Let me make this clear: A single grain of wheat will never be more than a single grain of wheat unless it drops into the ground and dies. Because then it sprouts and produces a great harvest of wheat—all because one grain died. “The person who loves his life and pampers himself will miss true life! But the one who detaches his life from this world and abandons himself to me, will find true life and enjoy it forever! If you want to be my disciple, follow me and you will go where I am going. And if you truly follow me as my disciple, the Father will shower his favor upon your life. (John 12:23-26 TPT)

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  2. The process doesn’t seem favorable but the end result is the favor of God!

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    • Yes, the end result is so much bigger than we are as an a seed that hasn’t died. Not easy to die to ourselves but so much fruit and favor of God comes from it. Blessings!


  3. Most Beautiful Hazel!!!! Goodbye to self hello to the kingdom of God within the heart of every believer! Be Blessed Always in the renewed strength of our Lord.

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    • Yes, Julia dying to ourselves brings so much more in the kingdom of God. What seemed a disaster in the natural for Jesus, laying down his life, produced so much life and eternal fruit. We follow his example and die to our flesh brings more than we can imagine. Thank you! Blessings of the abundant life through the resurrection power that lives inside of you, Julia! Jesus is risen, he is risen indeed!

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  4. The gift of life through Jesus’ supreme sacrifice for a sinful world is truly Amazing Grace.

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    • Yes, Jesus laying down his life for all the sinful is Amazing Grace and so delightful. So much wonderful fruit! He is risen!

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  5. great word! thank you! He is risen! Oh how glorious God’s timeless Way of Life, Truth of Life, and eternal Life! thank you Jesus for the Spirit of Life! “The law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus has set us free from the law of sin and death.” So Good!

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    • Hallelujah! Jesus died so we and many others would live!


  6. I love the verse in the Bible where Jesus is chatting with Martha…John 11:25-26, and last line” Do you believe this ?…” Our God is so much above our ways…our thinking, I love that my God is much bigger than I am !! good word, God Bless, Dave

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    • Praise God! He is worthy of all our worship and praise! Thank you! God is blessing you, Dave! \o/


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