Posted by: Pure Glory | 04/01/2021

Heart Worship While In Change

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

Don’t get lost in the process of change. Sometimes results are immediate, sometimes gradual, but both are a part, of the process of change. Ultimately, during the process, the Father desires us to keep crying out for Him. Our dependency should be of Him and not ourselves. We must cry out to our Father who loves and yearns for us to be with Him.

Even when we don’t understand what God is doing, we still owe Him our hearts in worship.

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  2. That is so true, that even when we do not understand what God is doing, we still owe our hearts to Him in worship.

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    • Yes! God is so good to us and his ways are not our ways. Glory to God in the Highest! Here is my heart Lord!

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  3. Human nature is to not want to worship and praise God in the trying times, but that is when it’s most important to do so. I always think how aweful it must have been for Job to lose all of his children at one time yet he Praised God and stayed faithful. God Bless You.

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    • Yes, Julia, God inhabits the praises of his people. Worshiping him brings his presence in the middle of change. God bless you!


  4. Hey! I wanted to pop in and wish you a glory filled and a hope filled rest of the Holy Week and year ahead! Thanks so much for all your encouragement that’s so consistent ✨lots of love and blessings🧡

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    • You are welcome! Christ is risen! ❤️, glory, hope grace, and blessings!

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      • Yes, He has and Hallelujah for that🙌🏻❤️ thanks for your wishes too🌼

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  5. Amen! We may not understand His wondrous works within us, still, our heart must always worship Him!!

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  6. Amen. Yes, here I am Lord to “worship”.

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  7. Truly said!!❤❤ Amen!!

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  8. oh how I love true worship that ushers us into the glory where we are changed!

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    • Praise the Lord for worship from our hearts! No place is like the glory of God!


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  10. Thank you for inspiring me today.


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