Posted by: Pure Glory | 01/10/2021

Disappointed With God?

by Hazel Straub

Disappointed or do you think God did not come through for you? He does not work in our timeframes but has wonderful plans for us.

In John chapter 11, Jesus received a message that his friend Lazarus was very sick and to come. Instead Jesus delayed coming. When he arrived, Lazarus had been dead four days. The sisters of Lazarus and their friends were disappointed that Jesus had not come earlier and healed him. Jesus had a bigger purpose and raised Lazarus from the dead. This resulted in many believing that Jesus was the Son of God. Their sorrow turned to joy.

Know that God is at work in your life, even when your expectations are not met. He loves and has compassion for you! He is there for you.

Then with a loud voice Jesus shouted with authority: “Lazarus! Come out of the tomb!”
Then in front of everyone, Lazarus, who had died four days earlier, slowly hobbled out—he still had grave clothes tightly wrapped around his hands and feet and covering his face! Jesus said to them, “Unwrap him and let him loose.” From that day forward many of those who had come to visit Mary believed in him, for they had seen with their own eyes this amazing miracle!  (John 11:443-45 TPT)

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    • God is God and not a man.

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      • Yes, God’s put on human flesh, was tempted in all ways, did not sin, and died for our sins. He stripped the devil of all power and rose from the dead. His blood paid the price for our sins. He is seated in heavenly places, far above all evil powers. They are under this feet and since we live in him, they are under our feet. Hallelujah!

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      • YOWZA

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  2. It’s the parallel of winning a person who has been offended. It’s like coming up against a walled city. Well, try to talk someone out of a major miracle who has experienced one or more first hand. That would be me as I have received many. As long as I have breath and my faculties working, I will praise God for the efficacious work of our Lord Jesus Christ. To convince me different would be like a racoon dog treeing a ghost one. He’s barking up the wrong tree! Lol

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  3. Wow, God is amazing! He always confirms His Word in season. Indeed God has a plan for us and it will surely come to pass in His perfect time for His glory. Thank you Jesus 🙏🏽🙏🏽

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  4. We as mere humans think we can have God do what we need when we need it, but He does everything in HIS TIME. A hard lesson for us to grasp, but when we realize His ways are higher than our ways His timing is then always perfect. His will for our life will always trump our demands. God Bless your work in Him.

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    • Yes, God is not a man and his ways are much higher than ours. He does greater than we can hope or imagine.

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  5. Blessed are those who have not seen the great miracle that happened to Lazarus and believe that God through the sacrifice of His Son on the cross will lead us to eternal life.

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    • Yes! Salvation and eternaL life through Jesus are miraculous! WhT a blessing!

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  6. You made me think of Naomi, who thought she should be addressed as Mara, because God had forgotten her. But, God provided her a daughter-in-law who was loyal to her safety and needs, who worked for them both to have, and through God’s plans for Ruth’s life and Naomi’s life, who provided Naomi with a grandchild to continue their lineage. Sometimes we fail to see God working in our lives, too concentrated on our past losses. Wonderful post.

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    • Yes, so often we want to dictate how God is going to work in our lives. We miss his wonderful provision such as Ruth for Naomi. God loves us ad provides in his timing in miraculous ways! Blessings if God surprises!


  7. Amen 🙏🏾


  8. Yes and Amen! 💙🙌🏾


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