Posted by: Pure Glory | 12/16/2020

Light For God’s Glory

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

I see Candles in the Window! I just had a vision of an assortment of candles, in a transom window, on display. Although, I’ve never seen a transom window like this before. The window wasn’t all that large for the huge amount of light, that was shining through. It also had a framed shelf encasement, protruding at the bottom, where the candles, were all displayed.

The Light, represented the rays of God’s Glory, & the Light of His Word of Truth. Yet, what was so interesting, is that none of the candles were burning or illuminated on their own. They were burning from the Beacons of Light, shining through the transom. Wow! We receive our light, from the One, who lights up the city of God.

The transom represents, the window of heaven, an openness, a portal, OPEN HEAVEN, if you will. The candles, in different sizes, colors, and shapes, represents the many people of God, and their diversity of gifting. Yahweh has opened heaven over his remnant, his ecclesia (called out ones), he is putting his people on display. However, the most vital key or standout from this vision is, “none of the candles were burning or illuminated on their own accord, but from the Source of Light.” These individuals aren’t trying to display themselves, or make things happen Independently, for they were missing pride or absent of pride.

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  1. How BEAUTIFUL! What a vision indeed!!! The whole time I was reading this it came to mind of how our prayers are as incense that lifts up to heaven,and then thought of how when we look at the skies at times and through the clouds come a huge burst of rays of sunshine! Loved how you said the candles were not lit on their own and how it is God who is their light source…..SO TRUE! God Bless you Gabriel for sharing this vision of hope.

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    • Julia, be filled with hope in God who is our source. Have a blessed day!

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  2. Reading today’s post, I remembered this powerful verse: Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

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    • Yes, Peter, that verse goes perfectly with this verse. Jesus is the light who makes us lights.


  3. Christ Jesus, the source of life itself. Thank you! What a vision of God working his great pleasure within and through us by the sheer power of his grace and love.

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  4. God is my savior I believe and will follow him and praise his holy name here’s my shining light hope these thank you for watching me and protect me from me from evil lord in his holy name Jesus Christ Amen I pray🙏💖

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