Posted by: Pure Glory | 10/11/2020

What Is Your Focus?

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

Don’t FOCUS your time and energy on worrying about your problems, talking about your problems, or pretending you don’t have any problems. Rather FOCUS on Yahweh’s promises to you, Yahweh’s provision for you, and Yahweh’s providence to you.

TODAY, take heaven breaks to meditate on HIS PROMISES, in lieu of the problems. What you think about, you bring about…Selah

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  1. Great piece, because when you stick with the word you always as result.

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  2. True !

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  3. I love this post and the picture is gorgeous!

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  4. Amen! Confirmation of what I woke up hearing this morning.

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  5. “Heaven breaks.” I’ll remember that one! Great post!

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  6. When our life reflects the Lord it leaves no room for self and problems,because our hardships pale in comparison to what our Lord endured! Very good writing here.Blessings.

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    • When we keep our eyes on Jesus, all is well! You are welcome, Julia. Abundant blessings!


  7. Amen.
    And I love this picture!
    This is so true… we think of ourselves as little kids, scared, powerless, worried, afraid but Father God sees us strong and powerful like Jesus bc He who is in us IS strong and powerful and victorious in all things!
    Who painted it? Where can I get a copy?
    Thank you!

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    • Sandy, good to know the picture and post ministered to you. I do not know who painted it or where you can find a copy. Blessings!

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  9. Amazing post

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