Posted by: Pure Glory | 09/19/2020

Recognize Your Value

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

Don’t shrink because of the insecurities of others and don’t apologize for being you, do you to the Max….People who always dibble dabble in everyone else’s life, do so because they HAVE NO LIFE. Those who gossip about you, do so because they have NOTHING ELSE BETTER TO DO, THAN DISCUSS YOU. Those who destructively criticize you, do so because they are jealous, intimidated, AND CANNOT BE YOU. Those who scandalize and falsify information concerning you, do so because they RECOGNIZE YOUR VALUE AND THE POWER IN WHAT YOU DO. Those who claim to love you and then leave you, WE’RE ONLY SENT TO BETTER YOU AND IMPROVE YOUR DISCERNMENT not suspicion. Those who reject you, do so because of THE ANOINTING ON YOU. If you want to find the most anointed, look for the most rejected…Selah

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  1. Very true. If nobody talk about you, you’re nobody. Father, make me a topic of discussion( is a prayer to pray).

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  2. Very true. We should know our value and be ourselves.

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    • God defines our value and his Son Jesus, paid the greatest price for us!

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  3. This is all the more reason to keep my 👀 on Jesus. Thanks!

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  5. Good advice. Thank you for your inspiring words.

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  6. Apt and a timely reminder to be the definition of me in Christ. 🙌

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    • Praise God! He loves us so much! ♥️


  7. Oh, this is so powerful!! Thank you! “Those who reject you, do so because of THE ANOINTING ON YOU. If you want to find the most anointed, look for the most rejected…Selah”

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  8. Wow great message. So true.

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  10. Also, God recognizes our value because we are made in His image. That doesn’t mean that we should be prideful, but anyone who looks at me will be able to tell that I am Christian – that is, we show Christ by our actions.

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