Posted by: Pure Glory | 06/03/2020

Fruit Inspectors Of Others?

by Hazel Straub

We have no problem inspecting someone else’s fruit and seeing their sins and issues. It is much more difficult to see the error of one’s own ways. We need to ask the Lord to search our hearts, and to cleanse us. Then we will have hearts filled with humble gratitude for what the Lord is doing in our life, as we meditate on his mercy and compassion for us. Then we will extend compassion and mercy to others.

Who can see his own mistakes and sins that lurk in the heart? Forgive and cleanse my sins that I do not see. And keep Your servant from sinning, by going my own prideful, arrogant, and rebellious way. Do not let these sins control and rule over me. Then I will be without blame. And I will not be found guilty of big sins. Let the words of my mouth and the thoughts of my heart, on which I meditate, be pleasing in Your eyes, O Yahweh, my Rock and the One Who saves me. (Psalms 19:12-14)

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  1. It takes quite a bit of bravery to surrender to an inspection by God, but the benefits and rewards are worth the anguish! Praise God for his love and care for us. Thank you for these challenging words, God bless you today.

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    • Holy Treasure Hunter, it does take bravery to surrender to God for an inspection. This calls for humility. So grateful to him for his love for us that includes correction. You are welcome.

      Abundant blessings!

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  2. You speak the truth; it’s easier to find fault in others than in myself. An early warning sign for me is when I find myself avoiding God and his Word.
    “Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that their deeds will be exposed. “John 3:20

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    • Yes, it is so easy to get in pride and do things my way rather than letting the Word of God and Holy Spirit search me. The light exposes. I am so thankful that the blood of Jesus allows me to repent and be cleansed of all my sin. Thank you for your insightful comment.


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  4. Amen! Yes Lord have mercy on me. I know this is one of my major struggles and I’m thankful that my Father is pruning it away from me bit by bit. That scripture is a great addition to praying against such root. God bless and thanks for this convicting message the Lord gave to you for all of us! ❤ blessings and strength!

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    • Amen! It is one of my issues also because it is easier to look at someone else rather than dealing with our own sins.

      You are welcome! Much love and blessings of Holy Spirit conviction that leads to repentance.


  5. While reading your inspirational post I was thinking of the other Bible passage: First get rid of the log in your own eye; then you will see well enough to deal with the speck in your friend’s eye.

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    • Peter, that Scripture also illustrates the point of first taking care of our sin before trying to deal with someone else. Blessings!

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    Glory be to God for the reading of his word! Before we commit ourselves to God, we must confess and renounce our sins, pray for forgiveness, and repent. Thank you for your divine message today! Blessings to you! 😀 \O/

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  7. yes and amen!

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  8. Oh thank you! I needed to speak this one for myself today.

    Repentance feels so good and clean!

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    • Praise God that this spoke to you! God loves it when we return to him with our whole heart.

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  9. Amen! Thank you! 😊 💕

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  10. Truer words were never spoken … everyone of us…guilty.

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  11. Why is it so easy to see that speck in another’s eye & totally miss the plank in our own? I know I need to learn to see things the way God does instead of a worldly view.

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