Posted by: Pure Glory | 04/01/2020

Confidence And Faith In God

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

I have complete confidence in the Truth,
My reliability is on God and what he promised in his Word, although without absolute proof;
Only if one believes in something, can one act purposefully.
Therefore, as I was created, I will live worshipfully.

I have confidence and faith, when I pray to God;
I give credence to Him only, in my heart.
I have strong conviction that Jehovah Jireh is engaged and involved in my situation.
When I worship in his presence, I experience his power and demonstration.

I am determined to trust in the Lord, with all my heart and lean not to my own understanding.
Defying all odds, opinions, and opposition, because the credit of his word is superseding.
I am confident, persuaded, and fully assured, simply because I believe.
The moment I believe is the moment I conceive.

I expect and believe in all God’s ability
To solve all my problems because that’s his specialty.
I believe I believe Lord, regardless to what it seems like;
I believe you’ll make all my faith become sight…

I believe God can, God will, and God has already done
I believe through the covenant power of his blood and love, we have overcome
I refuse to be deceived, when I have believed
Instead of trying to make everything happen, simply believe.

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  1. I believe Lord and I receive what You have done for me!!❤️❤️❤️


  2. Confidence and faith are the key ingredients for our Christian living.

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  3. Amen
    This is a great post. It is so important to fix our eyes on God no matter the situation we are in.
    “When I worship in his presence, I experience his power and demonstration.” I love these words reminding us the power of worship, the importance of intimacy with God.
    Be blessed.

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  4. Amen . I believe

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  5. Beautiful


  6. Very well written 👏


    • It is so important to put our confidence and faith in God. Thank you!


  7. It’s the key 🔑 ..👍🏻

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    • Yes it is! I trust in the Lord with all my heart. I have complete confidence and faith in God.


  8. awwn, this was a beautiful read, thank you Glory

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  9. Very powerful and beautiful! God works in many ways across the world.

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    • Thank you! God requires we believe and have faith in God. What amazing love from God to us!

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      • Amen! I believe God’s love comes in many forms to us. One this is true: It is always here with us! Blessings t you, Pure Glory

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  10. This is beautiful. I also believe in God, and like you, I am now using his gift to me (which is writing) to give thanks and glorify him.

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  11. i keep coming back to your post and it is new each time.


    • Praise God! I believe with confidence and faith in God! He is doing it today!

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