Posted by: Pure Glory | 01/19/2020

God Of Peace And Lord

by Hazel Straub

The battle belongs to you, my God of Peace and Lord
In your love I rest not in the might of flashing sword
Safe from the trial of distressful battle, my fears depart
Your embrace heals and consoles, I surrender my wounded heart

You are my strength, comfort, help, and shield
The battle won by trust in your love, as I yield
I rest in you, enjoying the comfort of your breast
Letting all my fears and anxiety go, while I rest

My confidence is in you for victory is sure
You give me vision and provision is assured
The guarantee in you comes in tranquil trust
No need for me to run, fret or frantically rush

You make me peaceful, comforted, whole and complete
Broken places healed, I’m calmed, full and replete
You are my rest, restoration, refreshment and health
My prosperity comes by faith and trust in your wealth

The battle belongs to you, my God, Commander and Lord
In quiet confidence, sheltered, comforted and adored
The tumult of fierce warfare and attacks cannot move me
Cause I nestle on your chest, content, confident in thee

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  1. A poem of power and comfort! Your poetic talents shine through its heart-warming lines, Hazel.

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    • It is all for the glory of God! Thank you, Pete, for your encouragement. Blessings!

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  2. Beautiful and comforting!


  3. This is a great topic to be on our minds to activate in every life.


    • Agree. God is our strength, refuge and Lord!


  4. Amen & Amen!


  5. Beautiful in its hopefulness!

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  6. AMEN!


  7. Amen!!


  8. Gorgeous! Surrendering to god, to love, is our true and only direction! It is all that there is! This poem enlightens people to this! I thank you so much for it!


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