Posted by: Pure Glory | 01/12/2020

After Death – Resurrection!

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

Sometimes, you have to let people down, in order for God, to raise you up. The people were upset with Jesus, for Lazarus dying. But Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, not them.

It was a let down to some, for Jesus to be crucified. But without it, there would not be a resurrection.

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  2. This so true. They say crucify Him to get rid of Him but now He dwell in our hearts.

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  3. WOW!! Powerful!! This is good Apostle!! Never thought of it that way!! I needed this; I have this one particular family who God used me, along with other agencies to help, and now they pulls at me a lot!! They expect me to come see them, or call, and although I explain that I am busy, they don’t like it! I tell them I NEED to rest, but they don’t understand!! I am putting them in God’s hands!! I help a lot of people, so I cannot be catering to them only; they are the only ones who want a lot of my time!! I don’t want to hurt their feelings but I cannot be to them what they want; I don’t have time to just chitchat with people!! Asking you to pray for me and this family; I have to be able God’s business, so I don’t want to be tied to people – especially ones who want to use manipulation, to monopolize your time!! Thank you!!

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    • Abba, holy is your name. Thank you that you love Dr.Dehooks and this family. Let her get the wisdom of the Lord regarding this situation. May she follow your leading and your schedule, with no false guilt. May the peace of God rule in her heart. We praise you, for giving her wisdom! Thank you that you direct her steps. We praise your name.

      You have this family in your hands, may your will be done as it is in heaven. We thank you that you are the perfect father and care for their needs according to your riches in heaven. Let them fully depend on you, not any person. You have them in your hands. Praise your name, that you are caring for them.

      Thank you through your wonderful son, Jesus!

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      • Amen!! Thank you Apostle!!


      • You are welcome!


  4. Hello Thank you ever so much for your inspiring writing! I live in Australia and am praying for our bushfire crisis here- God has been reminding me of Lazarus and especially how the people thought that Jesus arrived when it was too late. God has told me not to despair and I am continuing to believe for a good outcome from this crazy event. Can you please pray for my friend Max and his town called Cann River – they need a miracle today – as the fire situation there is critical and for continuing rain to fall on the surrounding countryside. God bless you all from Deborah Garrott in Queensland Australia.

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    • Abba Father, holy is your name. May your kingdom come and your will be done for Deborah’s friend, Max and Cann River. Send your angels to hold back the fire. Rain fall from heaven and dampen and quench the fire.

      Thank you for your love for Deborah and all of Australia. May they know you love them much. You are so good and hold Max and the rest of the people in your hands. We cry out for mercy and thank you for your intervention.

      In your wonderful son Jesus’ name,


      • Thank you so very much for your prayers – the Australian Army has managed to reach Cann River and also visit people who are living on the outskirts of the town on rural properties/ farmers who cannot access the town as fires still posing a real danger. So really good things are happening- even Melbourne got rain yesterday as the smoke is very bad there. God bless your beautiful hearts – Deborah Garrott.

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      • Praise God who hears our prayers and answers! Thank the Lord for rain. You are welcome! Abundant blessings!


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  6. Amen, Apostle!


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