Posted by: Pure Glory | 11/11/2019

Set A Guard On My Mouth

by Hazel Straub

Many times negative words flow out of our mouths more than faith filled, uplifting words. At times, one heedlessly blurts out something and immediately regrets it but the damage remains. Our speech is a product of our heart, our thinking, will and emotions. It is time to cry out to Yahweh for help.

O Yahweh, set a guard at my mouth.
Keep watch over the door of my lips.
Do not let me be persuaded to do anything evil
or to become involved with wickedness,
with people who are troublemakers.
Do not let me taste their delicacies. (Psalm 141:3-4 NOG)

Purify my heart and cleanse me from within of my sin.
Create a clean heart in me and renew a faithful spirit within me.
Restore the joy of salvation in me and
Provide me with a spirit of willing obedience. (Psalm 51)

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  2. I share with you and your readers what helps me when I struggle with engaging my mouth before my brain: Read more Scripture and be intentional about memorizing verses, like Psalm 141:3, that can help us to take the extra second to think before speaking. I also believe that the reading and memorizing discipline enables us to access more quickly what I call the ‘bible filter’ in our heart and mind which gives us a better chance of considering our response in light of the truth of God’s word.
    Pastor Chuck

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    • Pastor Chuck, thank you for sharing your testimony. Memorizing scripture doees make a difference.
      Abundantt Blessings,

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  3. When we slander, gossip and speak evil things, it is a reflection of our inner sinfulness. Therefore, we pray and ask God to grant us a pure heart.

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    • Yes!
      Father God, purify my heart from all my sins, cleanse me from within, ,
      with your refiner’s fire.
      To be holy, set apart for you Lord.

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  4. Funny, I was just reading this and watching my words all weekend. And here it is again! Thank you!!!!!


  5. Amen! Powerful prayer. Thank you.


  6. Thank you so much for this!


  7. This has been a prayer of mine very often.

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  8. A robust piece. 💙


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