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Faith In God

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

Faith is not contingent on how you feel.
Faith is predicted on God’s Word is Truth.
You live by Faith, therefore, your prayers are answered by Faith, in God.

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  1. Amen!


  2. Hazel, I have nominated you for The Barnabas Award.

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    • Thank you Gail, however, we do not accept awards.

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      • Oh I know, dearest Hazel, but I still wanted to publicly thank you! And most certainly be obedient to God’s whispers in thanking you for encouraging so many, including me! 🙂
        Me and God cherish you! ❤

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      • Gail, thank you for the kind acknowledgement of encouraging others. Cherished! 🙂 Blessings of love!

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      • 🙂

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  3. We cannot create our own faith, it is a gift from God. We respond by thanksgiving, prayers and love for our fellow human beings.


  4. Great! Pure

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  5. ‘Faith’ in my eyes is the only thing after ‘love’ which can reform the difficulties and darkness of our world.

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    • Faith in God through Jesus the Son of God, who died and was resurrected to save us from sin, changes the darkness to light!

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      • Darkness can only be erased by spells of light. — Jesus and the gods of every religion has taught this to MAN. Today is a very auspicious day for the Hindus because today is the day when Hindu belief that darkness can be removed by light because today is Diwali. if you are interested in
        what is the significance of Diwali you can click on this link and read my recent blog post. Wish u a very happy Diwali from INDIA.

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      • God and his only begotten Son, Jesus, are Light. The Light casts out darkness forever, when one believes in Him and makes Jesus the Lord of their life. He dwells with them and his light shines from them. Jesus said in Matthew 5:14-15 in the Bible: “14 “Your lives light up the world. Let others see your light from a distance, for how can you hide a city that stands on a hilltop? 15 And who would light a lamp and then hide it in an obscure place? Instead, it’s placed where everyone in the house can benefit from its light.” This Light is not spells of light but continual.


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      • Ur tellings has changed me a lot thank U .
        I am a student of class 12 and want to know the truth .I try to illuminate others by my thinking.
        If you follow and read me it will be a wonderful moment for me 🙂

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      • Good to know you are learning from our posts. This is a link to the Bible
        John 18:36-38 Amplified Bible, Classic Edition

        “36 Jesus answered, My kingdom (kingship, royal power) belongs not to this world. If My kingdom were of this world, My followers would have been fighting to keep Me from being handed over to the Jews. But as it is, My kingdom is not from here (this world); [it has no such origin or source]. 37 Pilate said to Him, Then You are a King? Jesus answered, You say it! [You speak correctly!] For I am a King. [Certainly I am a King!] This is why I was born, and for this I have come into the world, to bear witness to the Truth. Everyone who is of the Truth [who is a friend of the Truth, who belongs to the Truth] hears and listens to My voice. 38 Pilate said to Him, What is Truth? On saying this he went out to the Jews again and told them, I find no fault in Him.”
        Jesus is the Truth!

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      • Jesus is the TRUTH❤

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      • Plz share more links from HOLY BIBLE… ❤

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      • Here is some more from the Holy Bible!
        John 14:6 The Passion Translation

        6 Jesus explained, “I am the Way, I am the Truth, and I am the Life. No one comes next to the Father except through union with me. To know me is to know my Father too.

        John 1 The Passion Translation
        The Living Expression

        1 In the very beginning the Living Expression was already there.

        And the Living Expression was with God, yet fully God.

        They were together—face-to-face, in the very beginning.
        And through his creative inspiration
        this Living Expression made all things,
        for nothing has existence apart from him!
        Life came into being because of him,
        for his life is light for all humanity.
        And this Living Expression is the Light that bursts through gloom—
        the Light that darkness could not diminish!
        Then suddenly a man appeared who was sent from God,
        a messenger named John.
        For he came to be a witness, to point the way to the Light of Life,
        and to help everyone believe.
        John was not that Light but he came to show who is.
        For he was merely a messenger to speak the truth about the Light.
        For the Light of Truth was about to come into the world
        and shine upon everyone.
        He entered into the very world he created,
        yet the world was unaware.
        He came to the very people he created—
        to those who should have recognized him,
        but they did not receive him.
        But those who embraced him and took hold of his name
        were given authority to become
        the children of God!
        He was not born by the joining of human parents
        or from natural means, or by a man’s desire,
        but he was born of God.
        And so the Living Expression
        became a man and lived among us!
        And we gazed upon the splendor of his glory,
        the glory of the One and Only
        who came from the Father overflowing
        with tender mercy and truth!
        John taught the truth about him
        when he announced to the people,
        “He’s the One! Set your hearts on him!
        I told you he would come after me,
        even though he ranks far above me,
        for he existed before I was even born.”
        And now out of his fullness we are fulfilled!
        And from him we receive grace heaped upon more grace!
        Moses gave us the Law, but Jesus, the Anointed One,
        unveils truth wrapped in tender mercy.
        No one has ever gazed upon the fullness of God’s splendor
        except the uniquely beloved Son,
        who is cherished by the Father
        and held close to his heart.
        Now he has unfolded to us
        the full explanation of who God truly is!
        The Ministry of John the Baptizer

        19 There were some of the Jewish leaders who sent an entourage of priests and temple servants from Jerusalem to interrogate John. They asked him, “Who are you?”

        20 John answered them directly, saying, “I am not the Messiah!”

        21 “Then who are you?” they asked. “Are you Elijah?”

        “No,” John replied.

        So they pressed him further, “Are you the prophet Moses said was coming, the one we’re expecting?” “No,” he replied.

        22 “Then who are you?” they demanded. “We need an answer for those who sent us. Tell us something about yourself—anything!”

        23 So, John answered them, “I am fulfilling Isaiah’s prophecy: ‘I am an urgent, thundering voice shouting in the desert—clear the way and prepare your hearts for the coming of the Lord Yahweh!’”

        24 Then some members of the religious sect known as the Pharisees questioned John, 25 “Why do you baptize the people since you admit you’re not the Christ, Elijah, or the Prophet?”

        26–27 John answered them, “I baptize in this river, but the One who will take my place is to be more honored than I, but even when he stands among you, you will not recognize or embrace him! I am not worthy enough to stoop down in front of him and untie his sandals!” 28 This all took place at Bethany, where John was baptizing at the place of the crossing of the Jordan River.
        The Lamb of God

        29 The very next day John saw Jesus coming to him to be baptized, and John cried out, “Look! There he is—God’s Lamb! He will take away[an] the sins of the world! 30 I told you that a Mighty One would come who is far greater than I am, because he existed long before I was born! 31 My baptism was for the preparation of his appearing to Israel, even though I’ve yet to experience him.”

        32 Then, as John baptized Jesus he spoke these words: “I see the Spirit of God appear like a dove descending from the heavenly realm and landing upon him—and it rested upon him from that moment forward! 33 And even though I’ve yet to experience him, when I was commissioned to baptize with water God spoke these words to me, ‘One day you will see the Spirit descend and remain upon a man. He will be the One I have sent to baptize with the Holy Spirit.’ 34 And now I have seen with discernment. I can tell you for sure that this man is the Son of God.”

        You can read the whole Bible on this link. Blessings of knowing Jesus the Messiah, Light and the Truth!


  6. Amen!

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  7. Yes! and Amen!!!

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  8. God is good! Thanks for sharing this.

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  9. I came to know and rely on faith in the deepest waters and the hottest fires in my life! Thank you!!

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    • You are welcome! God is so faithful! More faith to trust him more! Hallelujah!


  10. Amen. Let’s walk by faith 🙏🏻

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