Posted by: Pure Glory | 09/23/2019

Anointing For Minds

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

Today, Yahweh releases an anointing for minds. Mental trauma, hidden mental issues, mental phobias, schizophrenia, stress, depression, arrested development, dementia, Alzheimers, bipolar, negative mind, worried mind, fearful mind, doubtful mind, divided mind, double mindedness, or any other disorder—spirit with the mind. 

Go throughout your day, expecting an anointing for a new mind-skin. Your mind is more important than your spouse, children, me, or anyone connected to you. Because your mind allows or does not allow you to do or become an active participant of your magnanimous destiny. (Joshua 1:7-8) 

Your mind needs instruction. Your mind was given to serve you, not master you. Be dismantled from the old and receive a new mind-skin, the mind of Christ. Be elevated in your mind, today. Fresh breathe, fresh inspiration, and fresh freeing thoughts, from the Father over your mind. 

Limitations, curses, destructive ways of thinking, and negative thought processes, are burned by fire 🔥 and severed from your mind. Psychological warfare broken off your mind. New mindsets of success, blessing, favor, and abundance, flood your life. 

Yahweh has given you a more brilliant, powerful, exclusive, and sound disciplined mind. You have a mind of love, being loved, and loving. A mind of forgiveness, being forgiven, and forgiving. A mind to work, obtain and maintain wealth. A mind prospering, in the Word of God. 

During the process of you reading this, I negate, and burn by fire 🔥 every hindrance, limitation, haunting assignment, and all forms of witchcraft—divination concerning your mind. The curses and evil plots against you are broken and shall have no more effect, bearing or fruit within your life. Experience freedom of mind, creativity of mind, and great wholesome imagination in Christ.

The enemy is dismembered, disarmed, disarticulated, and defeated in your Christ victorious mind. 

Be divinely renewed, in the spirit of your mind. Live in God’s presence and receive a new anointing for your mind today.

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  1. You sure have got that cosmic timing thing down, don’t you? I’ve commented to myself on it so often. Today, just for instance, I get serious about finding the IQ test that’s going to change this creative public equation completely. Blessings, my dear 🤗


    • It is Yahweh, God of our present who created all of us, and knows everything about each one of us. He sent his one and only son, Jesus the Anointed One who redeemed us from our sins, through laying down his life for us. He suffered so we could have excellent minds. Blessings to you, Ana!


  2. Amen 🙂


  3. I love this. “New mind-skin” ♥️


  4. Amen


  5. Amen! Well said!!


  6. Thank You Father, I receive my new mind today, my mind of Christ, ALL hinderances are broken off my mind, in Jesus’ Name, and a fresh anointing for my mind, has come now!! Thank You Father for a fresh anointing for my mind; I am UNSTOPPABLE in You – NOTHING will keep me from doing what You called me to do – I will be like Paul and finish my course!! Because You started a good work in me, and will complete it!!

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  7. Oh Lord anoint me with your free oil


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