Posted by: Pure Glory | 07/27/2019

God Expectant

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

Be Focused, Encouraged, and God-expectant, for you are near; in close proximity; in, on the verge, almost: nearby; not far off; in circumference and so near in time of God, fulfilling what your spirit’s been longing for. God is about to kill, incinerate, and cauterize, the spirit of lack, in your life, wherever you lack.

The intangible is about to become touchable, the invisible is about to be seen, and the impossible is about to become a reality.

You, no longer face the same direction. The tables are turned in your favor. You are on the other side, of what you were going through.

The ground you stood on, shifted and your momentum, accelerated. You can’t view your situation the same…God says, “Everything has changed.” The season you’re in marks a very special time, on the calendar of God. There is a fresh wave of God’s Spirit moving over you and an avalanche of God’s glory, wealth, and judgment (which is his mercy) coming towards you.)

Be bold, be brave, for the Lord your God is with you. He goes before you and prepares the way for you, the bride of Christ. You walk through a new door of the prophetic. I place within the mouth of your spirit, the gold master-key of David that unlocks the ancient doors of David–new realms of pure worship.

The Bridegroom crys, yearns, and bids his bride, to come, lie down with him, in his chambers of glory, for deeper intimacy. You, your life, family, relationships, well-being, and wealth are transformed today, by the government of God and the sovereign rule of the Holy Spirit! Warrior, I decree, an overwhelming large amount of heaven’s  best over you…

Note this worship warrior: It Is Done! Did you hear me? It is Done! Done in the heavens, done on the earth, and done in your spirit!

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  1. “God is about to kill, incinerate, and cauterize, the spirit of lack, in your life, wherever you lack.” Amen! Be blessed!


  2. Once again God has spoken, Apostle Gabriel, this prophetic word has ministered to my Body Soul and Spirit, now l will Wait watch and pray. Bless you, Love you, you are an intimate Lover of God Amen.

    Shalom, Pastor Raquel

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    • Pastor Raquel, shalom. Thank you for your kind comments.


  3. Rooooaaaaar! I receive this, in the mighty name of my Redeemer and King Jesus!

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  4. Amen and amen.


  5. Amen!


  6. Indeed it is done! Nothing else to do but to believe Christ is risen.

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  7. Amen, God walks we all


  8. Expectant with the Word, by the WORD. Every seed sown in good ground produces a harvest.


  9. Amen, hallelujah!


  10. Apostle Gabriel, I love when you state that God “incinerates the spirit of lack ” and I wonder if He does this in a way to punish or correct us? If to correct us, then, are we uplifted by Him during this so that we do not feel His wrath as He is saving us?


    • The spirit of lack is from the enemy of our souls. God provides for all our needs. The spirit of lack is burned up so we can have an abundant life through Christ Jesus. The blood of Jesus cleanses us from sin when we confess it and turn to God. Jesus and his righteousness is our righteousness when we accept him in our heart. It is good not bad.


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