Posted by: Pure Glory | 05/15/2019

Talk To Your Problems About Your God!

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

Instead of letting the circumstances walk on top of you, it is time to walk on top of them. Dwelling on and rehearsing the past and the problems? Instead of rehearsing the problems, you need to start rehearsing God’s promises.

Stop talking to God about all your problems. Instead, talk to your problems, about your God!

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  1. amen! we don’t realise how much we do this. I will begin to put this in practice. Thanks

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  2. Amen, God is bigger than any of our problems

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    • Our mouths is bigger than all the problems. Jesus won the victory for us. We tap into the victory he won by agreeing with him and speaking our victory.

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  3. thank you for this reminder,
    with only a tiny seed of faith we can tell the mountain to move and it must move,
    thank you Abba Father for sending Jesus to save us from the lies of the enemy, teach us the truth of God and send us the Holy Spirit and fire to enforce and continue to reinforce the Truth! all glory, thanks and honor to God our Father!

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    • Praise the Lord! The victory f Jesus is declared with our mouth. The mountains crumble as we act on it!

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  4. An interesting perspective…amen!

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  5. Great advice. Find yourself.


    • When we believe God and speak to our problems about God, the problems no longer rule us.




  7. Thank you so much for sharing. I learned to talk to God first because God can fix it better than we can.


    • True, God fixes things better than we can. But we can change the way we think, by meditating on the Word of God and taking every thought captive through Jesus Christ.

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      • Good Morning. I do agree with you.

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